Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Emma Watson shares new photos from 'Pickled'


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She posted them in her Instagram stories. She's with Will Ferrell, Sugar Ray Leonard and Tog Notaro on the first picture and with her friend Nupur on the second.

"I enjoyed every second of #PICKLED with @stephenathomeand everyone who took part, all for a good cause raising money for @comicreliefus. Didn't bring the trophy home this time but I'm training for next year's clash ALREADY!!"

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Anonymous said...

Lovely x

Anonymous said...

I like the Lacoste sport shirts!

Anonymous said...


eden when is this from? is it new?

Eden said...

From 2014 https://emmawatsonupdates.tumblr.com/post/79886153947/fiftyshadesen-emma-watson-and-boyfriend-matthew

Anonymous said...

thanks eden :)