Tuesday, November 8, 2022

More promo shots of Emma Watson with Sugar Ray Leonard for 'Pickled'


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All the teams will have a name. Emma and Sugar Ray's is 'Volley Ranchers'.

'Pickled' will debut on Thursday, Nov. 17 at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.  

If you have news to share (pictures, infos, scans...), please send an email to eden@emmawatson-updates.com 
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Anonymous said...

so tanned here xD

Anonymous said...

So excited

Tess said...

Eden do you have the photos yet?

dabo said...

Some news? Apparently, Emma registered 2 production companies in September.


Juli said...

Can someone explain to me what is this thing?

The Most Anonymous Anon said...

Tanned, and toned; she looks fabulous. Go Emma, go Emma!

Eden said...

"Some news? Apparently, Emma registered 2 production companies in September"

I saw that a few days ago on twitter but figured it was BS. I don't know if the site can be trusted or if anyone can add anything.

"Can someone explain to me what is this thing?"


"Eden do you have the photos yet?"


Anonymous said...

If that's true then it means she's making her own movie. One company would be her production company, the other would be a dummy company to finance the movie.

Anonymous said...

The company search site is genuine and as for the 'Sofia Rising' company (cue creepy music);


And Breadcrumb was the production company for the Prada ad;


Eden said...

I guess it's worth a post then. Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

Eden, don't make a post about it. Emma hasn't revealed it yet, she probably has a plan for how she wants to announce her first ever movie, it'd be a shame to ruin that for her.

Eden said...

This comment was posted on another post but I'd like to keep the conversation in one place.

"eden did you see emma old assistant is working at emma new production company? bread crumb productions?"

I did.

I don't know what to do though. Make a post about it or not? I know at least one person with a big number of followers who uses the blog, including comments, as their source (while never mentioning the blog by the way. Yes, I'm petty XD) so they might have already made a post about it and spread it around. Waiting for something official that might never come or talking about it?

Anonymous said...

It's not like you need the big scoop on it. Give her a chance to announce it in her own time, if the story breaks on its own then cover it. No need to contribute to the problem just because others might.

Eden said...

As I said, someone probably already spread it around so it's not about having a scoop. But it's exciting news so of course I want to talk about it.

Anonymous said...

I just don't want to see her pressured into things before she's ready. Just look at what happened with Tarantino when someone leaked the Hateful Eight script.

Anonymous said...

She incorporated them 2 months ago and hasn't said anything, presumably because it's not ready yet.

Anonymous said...

news is already shared on insta by fan accounts and was on twitter weeks ago but everyone doubted it was real lol

Anonymous said...

People have definitely jumped the shark here.

There is absolutely no evidence Emma is making a movie.
Wishful thinking doesn't count.

Breadcrumb was the production company for the Prada ad.

It is far more likely that the companies were set up with that project in mind.
And from a tax and logistics viewpoint that makes sense.

In truth there is nothing to report.

Anonymous said...

the company was only set up and registered after her prada ad already came out in September this year so i think its for new projects going forward the prada was just a test run to see if she likes directing i think