Tuesday, January 23, 2024

New photos of Emma Watson for ELLE UK (April 2014)

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Thanks to Emma Watson Daily

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Anonymous said...

cutie pie aww

Anonymous said...

Lol! How many pics were taken during that shoot? :-)

BTW Didn't you say you would post the more recent pic of her?

Eden said...

Her photoshoot with ELLE in 2009 had over 700 photos so I'm guessing there are still quite a lot. I think those with a special account on trunkarchives can see them.

B said...

Very unfortunate watermark placement

Eden said...

Confused about this comment. The original ones don't have one that I've noticed and no one cares about my ugly edits XD

El Roberto said...

"Very unfortunate watermark placement"

🤣🤣 true.