Friday, May 17, 2013

Emma Watson: "I think 'celebrity' has become a weird job description itself"

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Transcripted by Emma Watson Updates. Credit if you use it.

"I think there's a difference between a celebrity and an actress, or a celebrity and... you know, I think it's become a weird job description itself. I mean, it's totally a full time job if you wanted to be making appearances and, you know, creating that brand."

"The first big reality TV show was probably The Simple Life. It's what Paris Hilton did, and she kind of really got the ball rolling on all of that. And I think she, herself, she acknowledges that she's created a brand, she's created a business, she's created an outrageous character show that people can laugh at, love, hate. Whatever it is, but they're interested."

Which celebrity house would you rob?
"I'd rob Sofia's. I think she has really good tastes and it's just very understated but really stylish and I'd probably go and probably nick her stuff."

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