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Claire Julien: "Emma Watson is a strong, independent, intelligent woman"

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Translated by Emma Watson Updates. Credit if you use it.

Sofia Coppola made you do wild things in The Bling Ring, between the crazy Californian parties and of course the burglaries of the celebrities' houses... Can you talk to us about this atypical filming?

Emma Watson: For me it was indeed atypical! I come from England, I don't really spend much time in Los Angeles, I rarely go to the kind of parties the teenagers in The Bling Ring go to. It's another culture, but it's been a wonderful experience for me.

Taissa Farmiga: It's been a very funny atmosphere, we got into our characters who are at the opposite of who we are... The filming was like a giant party actually, it was great!

Claire Julien: We really spent a great time, we all became really great friends after that. We listened to music at full blast, we dances, we laughed... When you see us having fun in the film, it's for real, we were having a great time!

Katie Chang: It's true I felt like filming with my friends, having fun all the time, it was an incredible experience.

Israel Broussard: Actually, we had no limits, that's what was incredible. There was no maximum, we were doing everything we wanted!

Had you heard about the Bling Ring gang before the film?

Israel Broussard: No. I discovered this story with Sofia who made me read the article. I discovered this unbelievable story and I couldn't stop thinking "but whyyyyy did they do that? They're crazy!"

Emma: I knew the story with the Vanity Fair article that was talking about it. I didn't have as many details as I do now of course but it wasn't a surprise like for Israel.

Is there a part of you that identifies with your character? Which one among you would be the most like your character in The Bling Ring?

Taissa: Claire !
Emma: Claire... for sure!
Israel: Claire without hesitation.
Katie: Claire. She loves partying and she's the only one to come from Los Angeles actually.
Taissa: On the other hand, the person at the complete opposite of her character is Emma. In the film she's a real pest, when in reality she's lovely! The difference was hilarious.

It's your first time in Cannes for you all, how's it going for now?

Emma: It's really beautiful but also... intense!

How did Sofia Coppola or Emma Watson, who's already an accomplished actress, guide you during the filming?

Claire: Their advice were very precious. Sofia and Emma inspire me, they're strong, independent, intelligent women.

Taissa: They're in the industry for much longer than I, they helped me to react well with the press, the fans, the pressure... It's great to look at them and to be inspired.

Emma, we've known you for a long time and we notice a huge change between Harry Potter and The Bling Ring, the radical change of style, from a good little girl to a very, maybe too, sexy woman. How did you handle this change?

Emma: To be honest, I was horrified! (laughs) I had to wear things that are not me at all. Though her outfit to go to court fit me well, it's the only one I felt comfortable in.

If tomorrow you went into the house of a celebrity, what would you feel most tempted to steal?
Emma: Good question... I'm a real animal lover, I think I'd steal a dog or a little cute something! A cat would be perfect.

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