Thursday, May 16, 2013

Emma Watson: "I didn't have a rebellious side. I was either filming, promoting, or in school"

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Transcripted by Emma Watson Updates. Credit if you use.

Emma: I play Nicki. She's one of the Bling Ring, who rob the houses of Paris Hilton, and Orlando Bloom, and a bunch of other ones. She's a real character, she's very eccentric, quite unsympathetic at times, but kind of funny too.

Journalist: Why did she choose Emma Watson who usually has a quite clean cut image?
Sofia Coppola: I thought it was fun to see her play a bad girl. Her character is so different than she is. It's always fun to see a character totally transform. I knew she could do it, but I was really proud. Her accent... if you're from California you can recognize. It's really specific to that area.

Journalist: Your character does a bit of pole dancing in the film, did you have to take lessons?
Emma: Yeah. Nicki is very into this idea of having a "hot bod", and so pole dancing is something she does for fun and exercise, so we took pole dance lessons. Sofia set them up for us and is was really hard!

Emma about Paris Hilton: I thought it was amazing! I mean, it's such an extension of her brand. It's amazing that she really lives that life. That person, that really is her. That's her life 24/7.

Journalist: For most of your teenage years, you've been in the spotlights. Did you have the chance to have a rebellious side or not?
Emma: Not really. I was really boring. I was always either really focused on filming, or promoting one, or I was in school. So I didn't really have much time to sort of get into anything else. I think when I'm a mom I'll remember that. Just keep them busy and nothing bad will happen.

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