Thursday, May 16, 2013

Emma Watson: "I want to be known for my work"

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Translated by Emma Watson Updates. Credit if you use it.

Five minutes before the interview, the young British actress shines in a skin-tight, burgundy silk dress. In the blink of an eye, here she is ready to answer our questions in a little cream outfit just as elegant. And while the Croisette has been under the rain all morning, a shiny sun appears at the same time she does. Magical, we tell you.

And yet, her role in Sofia Coppola's The Bling Ring is light years away from the one of Hermione in Harry Potter. She plays a sexy teenager, crazy about clothes and designer bags, who robs the houses of Paris Hilton, Orlando Bloom, or Rachel Bilson, with some friends. She even does some pole dancing. "This sequence only lasts a dozen of seconds," she immediately dampers. "It doesn't ask for a special preparation. You just have to let go. That's all."

What attracted you to this project?
It's a story both very current, and typical of our time. It's in touch with the teenagers' culture, theirs obsessions with fashion. The combination of those two elements is why this film really talks about what's happening now. It's quite incredible. In a way, it's a political film. But also a reflection on glory and the sense of private life, two topics that concern me in my everyday life. That's why I found this script fascinating.

Can a star still have a private life today?
It's very hard but I try to keep my life as private as I can, depending on the circumstances. It's very important. It actually makes me uncomfortable that everybody knows about my life. I want to be known for my work. But with the internet and Google, it's very complicated to protect our private life. Everybody can see where you're living, which limits intimacy. But it's the world we're living in. The internet allows the access to so much information.

Do you use social media?
It's a good way of communication. I tweet quite often, I have to admit. But I'm very careful about what I say.

Do people still call you Hermione in the street?
Yes, still. I don't mind. You know, she represents such a big part of my life, that I understand. It's quite funny.

Is it your first time in Cannes?
Yes. It's very pretty. Here, everybody talks seriously about the cinema. It's amazing to be in a place so highly symbolic of the 7th art.

How to you do to keep your feet on the ground?
It's hard to answer that. My dad is really great, so are my friends. I tried to live a life as normal as possible, especially by going to school. I think it helps a lot: we don't have a choice, we have to adapt ourselves to the others and to our environment. I feel totally normal. I often forget about the celebrity. I know it seems stupid, but sometimes, I want to go to the park and forget I should probably not go out. It's silly but I forget because I find it so strange.

All this said with a mischievous smile. Magical.

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