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Emma Watson in Cosmopolitan France (June 2013)

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Warning: the article seems to juggle reality with fanfiction.

The magic Emma Watson

Surprising, bewitching, the actress breaks her good little girl image in Sofia Coppola's 'The Bling Ring' that we'll discover at the Cannes Festival.

She put away her broom and yet the magic continues for Emma Watson. Two years after the last Harry Potter film, her career is off to a good start to be a fairy tale.

"Bitch girl" for Sofia Coppola
She barely left Hogwarts' universe, that we find her in Simon Curtis' My Week With Marilyn, as an elegant cinema dresser in the London of the 50s. A small role, but we sense the actress in the making. Then Emma Watson confirms it: in Stephen Chbosky's The Perks of Being a Wallflower she plays a sensitive and rebel highschooler. With her short hair, she shows a sensuality, almost wild: the child prodigy wants to prove that she is not Harry Potter's nice little friend anymore. Message received in Hollywood: Sofia Coppola offers her the role of one of the Californian girls who, a few years ago, made the headlines by robbing Paris Hilton's and Lindsay Lohan's villas to steal the dresses and shoes of their idols. With The Bling Ring, Emma Watson surprises in the role of a flirtatious bitch, pole dance lover, tattooed everywhere. "This girl is everything I hate: materialistic, superficial, vain, and amoral. I had to wear Juicy Couture sweatsuits, we could see the straps of my bra... Horrifying! But because the film offers a reflection of celebrity and its consequences in our society, I wanted to do it."

Hyperactive kid
Emma Watson knows what she's talking about. Success swept her life as a little girl away the day she was chosen to play the heroine in a novel idolized by hundreds of millions of readers in the world. She was 9 when her school in Oxford - named Dragon School - presents her to the casting of the first episode of Harry Potter. She dreams of herself as Hermione. After living 5 years with her parents in Paris where she was born, she moves to London, she feels a bit lonely and uprooted. Especially as her parents, both lawyers, got divorced. Like the witch, Emma is a brilliant student. She was diagnosed with ADHD, so to channel her energy, she did field hockey, and followed poetry and theater courses at school. After eight auditions, and months of waiting, she was chosen for the role. She still remembers telling her father: "My life is going to change." She couldn't imagine how much.

Overjoyed teenager
For ten years, Emma Watson continues to live the normal life of a student while filming the eight Harry Potters. "I will never thank my parents enough for protecting me from the star-system. They gave me a solid emotional base. I was always well-grounded, I never dreamed of celebrity. However it was schizophrenic to navigate between home and the sets: in the evening I walked the red carpet of the film's premiere dressed like a princess, and the day after, I was at school with my childhood friends!" At 15, Emma Watson is the youngest actress to cover Teen Vogue. At 18, she leaves her prints at the Los Angeles Walk of Fame. When Harry Potter finished, she pocketed the whole of her money. Millions of dollars. She was 20, and had her whole life ahead of her.

She exerted herself not to be reduced to the image of the child star and doesn't plan on becoming the "it girl", spending all her money in luxury bags and shoes. She continues to juggle her studies and her career. Like her models: Jodie Foster, Meryl Streep, and Natalie Portman. She is split between the Ivy League Brown University in Rhode Island, and Oxford, where she's finishing her literature degree. "At first, students were looking at me as if I were a freak. I'm incredibly shy, I thought I was going to give up. But I braced myself. Studies give me structure and are a wonderful safeguard against the superficiality of the world of the cinema. And how to play someone who goes shopping at the supermarket if you have no idea what's life outside the sets?" As much as she could, the actress took the bus and the tube to move in London. Until one day when, in Bangladesh, a kid dressed in rags in a very poor village asked her: "Would you be the Harry Potter girl?" "Then I understood that I would never be able to separate the actress from the public person, that a part of me didn't belong to me anymore."

Biblical heroine
The actress fights to keep control of the rest of her life. She created her own fair trade clothing line, "Love from Emma", with Safia Minney, the creator of People Tree. Lancôme ambassador, Emma Watson created with the brand a pop and pastel make-up line destined for girls like her, young and feminine. Most of all, she set herself for rules to only accept roles that really interest her. "I don't want to be a star, but an actress who will last long." She dreamed of working with Darren Aronofsky, the director of the Black Swan? He just directed her in Noah, a biblical saga alongside Russell Crowe. She loves the trash humor of Seth Rogen, the comical actor in Hollywood? He proposed her to live the apocalypse with Rihanna and James Franco in the hilarious This Is The End. And she is rumored to play in the scandalous Fifty Shades of Grey... We told you: Emma Watson didn't finish filling her life with magic.

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