Friday, June 16, 2023

Emma Watson at the Founders Forum at the Soho Farmhouse, Oxfordshire with her brother Alex [June 2023]

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Thank you, Anons and Lily :)

Entrepreneur Brunello Cucinelli posted the photo today on his Instagram. He didn't give a date but the event took place from June 13 to 15.

I want her skirt. Skirt is Isabel Marant.

Source: Umbria24

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Anonymous said...

how she not wiped out from jet lag at this point hahaha

Anonymous said...

cute x

Anonymous said...

i think emma wore this top to the beach before its good she rewears stuff often and take her echo stuff to heart :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely xooxoxox

El Roberto said...

It's a good one for both of them. And fine for the one in the middle.

Anonymous said...

Emma is simply radiant ✨️ 😍

Anonymous said...

I think she’s been flying around getting partnerships and promoting Renais at business events

Anonymous said...

I know day to day that Alex is the main person but she’ll still be doing a lot of work with launching a new business. So much of it we won’t see. I wouldn’t be surprised if Venice was work and Ibiza looks like they went to shoot more branding stuff.
It’s full on especially now at the beginning.