Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Alejandro Amenabar: "Emma Watson enjoyed walking on the CN Tower in Toronto"

[Version française]

Translated by EmWatsonSp. Credit them if you use it.

5:13 Alejandro says that when he sent the script to Emma he was expecting a no from her, because usually when he starts auditions and ask for actors he always expects a no, but he was lucky that Emma said yes straight away.

8:36 Alejandro is asked if anything mysterious happened while they were filming Regression and he says that the most terrifying thing that happened to him was when Emma asked him to go with her to the CN Tower in Toronto and made him walk on the edge of the tower. She enjoyed but he didn't, he was scared.

11:53 Minutes before they were talking about actors that get into character like Nicole Kidman and Alejandro says that he was talking to Emma about how amazed he was of how actors cry so easily because they had to film a scene where she had to cry and Emma says that when she has to cry she thinks of something sad and if that doesn't work, she ends up crying out of frustration.

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