Monday, September 14, 2015

[COLONIA REVIEWS - Twitter edition] "Emma Watson's fans will be impressed"

[Version française]


Daniel Brühl & Emma Watson give chilling performances in #Colonia Absolutely terrifying. #TIFF15

Colonia cast, director & more after the TIFF premiere. Great film! No @EmWatson unfortunately, but she was amazing!


@EmWatson "Colonia" was brilliant. And you were incredible.

Colonia was an incredible movie! @EmWatson was spectacular in it! #TIFF15

@EmWatson COLONIA was incredible!! Amazing story and gripping performances 💕 WE WISH YOU WERE HERE #TIFF15

Huge applause for @EmWatson who couldn't be at the premiere for Colonia #TIFF15

At the Colonia premiere & you are missed @EmWatson. Heart wrenching & disturbing film. Excellent performance. #TIFF15

@EmWatson Absolutely amazing movie. Great performance. Congrats #Colonia

HUGE round of applause for @EmWatson at the premiere of COLONIA. Hope you heard us down in LA! ;) #TIFF15

Had an amazing time at the world premiere of Colonia! Wish you could have been there @EmWatson amazing performance!!

Super sad that @EmWatson #EmmaWatson missed the premiere of #Colonia at #TIFF15 but SO impressed by her amazing performance! #loveher

Just saw the world premiere of #Colonia at #TIFF15. Wonderful job bringing the story to life. Great job @EmWatson and everyone else!

@EmWatson fans will definitely be impressed with her role as Lena in #Colonia. One of her finest performance to date. #TIFF15

#TIFF15 #Colonia Terrific, gripping and important polit-film w/outstanding actors - Bravo @EmWatson @daniel_bruhl

@EmWatson outstanding your performance at #colonia #tiff15 #wonderful

#Colonia was amazing @TIFF_NET ! Great performance @EmWatson , missed you!

@EmWatson we missed U 2night! Florian Gallenberger thank U 4 bring #Colonia #premiere 2 @TIFF_NET ##TIFF15 Great acting, very intense!

Teeth hurt from clenching my jaw through #Colonia Amazing performances all around 👏🏼 @EmWatson #TIFF15 Glad it got to be my 1st premiere

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