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[REGRESSION REVIEWS] "Wonderful Emma Watson"

6 reviews. Careful for spoilers.

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Worth pointing out are, of course, the outstanding performances of the actors, the magnificent sets, the blue-tonued cinematography which helps to create an icy ambience, the immaculate production and the high quality of the original soundtrack

Wonderful Emma Watson

Emma Watson, unfortunately for her fans, has a much more minor role. As a fundametal piece of the puzzle, it's important not to overexploite and maintain the aura of mystery as long as possible. This is a success. We saw in Noah that Watson learnt really well the role of a suffering and remorseful girl, and we don't get to see more from her, because that's what she was given to do, but it leaves you wanting more from her.

Watson has been cleverly cast. (Whilst watching this film about the unconscious, viewers may unconsciously register that it’s not Angela Gray who’s the abuse victim here, but, far worse, Hermione Granger.) Watson-philes will be pleased to see that she’s delivered a subtle, well-judged performance, innocent but gently seductive, in one of those roles whose screen time is limited but which ripples through the whole story.

Though performed with some perspiring conviction by Emma Watson and Ethan Hawke — as a confessed victim of cult abuse and the agnostic cop investigating her case — the pic is neither disquieting enough to take seriously, nor lurid enough for fright-night indulgence.
For Watson, it’s a relatively undistinguished first dip into adult genre filmmaking, albeit one that effectively plays on (and off) her pinched onscreen vulnerability.
The ensemble is similarly split in their approach to the material: Hawke and Watson play it sternly straight, while certain supporting players (notably, and most enjoyably, Dickey) go brazenly for broke.

Emma Watson emotes efficiently as the 17-year-old abuse victim.

Bad news, Emma's part is very small. Someone said about 15 minutes.

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