Wednesday, September 2, 2015

[VIDEO] Emma Watson interview with EFE

Translation + video inside.

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Translation of the video by Emma Watson Spain. Credit them if you use, thank you.

Well, as you said I've never been in a thriller before and the genre is very interesting and working with Alejandro who is a master of the genre was very ensuring because I trusted him.
What makes me scare of the movie? The growing of the suspend, and knowing that something its going to happen but not knowing when or where. The uncertainty.
What I'm scared of in real life? I don't like injections, or sharks.

[talking about Angela]
I think her life experience is so unusual and extreme that it's difficult to imagine how one will feel experiencing as much as she has experienced so it was difficult for me to put myself in her shoes. It was a challenge but that's what I look for in my projects, so it was good for me.

[about Alejandro]
Yes, I've been a very big fan of "The Others" and "Sea Inside". He sent me the script when he was working on it and I thought it was very interesting and when we met I could see that I could trust him. And he was someone who I really respected and I knew I wanted to do it.

I think the advantages is that I've had a lot of experience for someone as young as I am and that's very helpful. The negative is that having played a role for so long sometimes I have to fight with directors and the audience because they have a strong idea of who I am and what I can do so sometimes I have to prove that I can play lots of different characters.

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